Date: 22 May, 2024   Time:

Message from the President


I am honored to be the new President of The Hong Kong Society of Sleep Medicine(HKSSM) in 2012. Our Society is actively promoting sleep health and sleep education through community talks, educational videos, seminars and workshops. We have a panel of specialists who are interested in sleep medicine – psychiatrists, paediatricians, respiratory physicians, otolaryngologists and dental surgeons. These sleep experts are working closely together to enhance the understanding of sleep disorders as well as to improve sleep services and training in Hong Kong.

A subcommittee of registered polysomnography technologists was established in 2010. These sleep technologists are working hands-on in clinical practice according to the international academic guidelines and recommendations. Our members are having regular clinical meetings, presenting some challenging cases of their own experiences, and these are certainly great opportunities for sharing medical knowledge and research ideas.

In this new council, I am hoping to raise public awareness of sleep disorders for early diagnosis and strategic treatments. We have also started working on the Certificate Examination of Sleep Medicine in Hong Kong for the past 2 years, and the members of this Examination Board are preparing for a standardized sleep examination for all clinicians working in the field of sleep medicine. In our initial phase of planning and discussion, this examination will tentatively take place in 2013-2014. It will be challenging for our Society to be recognized as the leader of sleep services and academic research activities locally and internationally in the future.

Best Regards,
Dr Lam Jamie
The Hong Kong Society of Sleep Medicine
16 October 2012